Do you want to study at your own pace?

Deciding when and where to study?

Do you have a family that you are supporting financially and cannot study full time? Or you have a child that you need to look after and you cannot attend  classes? or maybe you live far from a formal school but you are still willing to study.                    

If yes on the above then distance learning is for you. The Lesotho Distance Learning Center makes it possible for you to study outside class...

You learn, we support!

LDTC supports you through a range of activities.
Learner support services have the key conceptual component of supporting the individual needs, whether alone or in groups, while in contrast the mass-produced elements are identical for all learners....

LDTC has a service agency!

The Focus is on the whole nation and communities.

Apart from offering non -formal education to the nation through the use of distance teaching methods LDTC provides specialist services to the community, schools and organizations that may need them.

Why should communities lack access to equipment such as PA System, recording equipment, recording studios and training in different kinds of skills?...


It does not matter how old you are, nor does it matter where you are situated. We offer opportunities for out of school youths and adults to develop functional literacy and numeracy skills. We provide ODL courses to private candidates, Junior Certificate (JC) and Cambridge Overseas School Certificate (COSC) and LGSCE through ODL...

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Phone: +(266)22316961
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